Internationalt Kristent Center in Aarhus is Christian work among refugees and immigrants, and a part of Indre Mission.

You will find IKC in Stjernen at Vejlby Centervej 46, 8240 Risskov


Welcome to Danish class in Stjernen

We have a language school where everyone is welcome and where all classes are free.
Our official name is Internationalt Kristent Center, IKC (International Christian Center)

We have classes:
Monday: 14 -16
Tuesday: 10 -12
Wednesday: 14 -16

Other activities:
Monday: 12 -14 Come and speak Danish, play football or get help with your homework.
Tuesday: 12 -14 We play “Just Dance” on Wii, make cakes, go for walks or something else.
Wednesday: 12 Come and have delicious food for 25 kr.
Thursday or Friday: Social day where we visit a museum, a café, find a free concert or something else.
Sometimes we make baking - days too or other nice indoor activities.
We try to do only free things, but sometimes we buy a cheap lunch or an

You can find us on Facebook – search for “Stjerne Dansk”

We send the classes and other information out with e-mail.

If you want to receive e-mails from us, please return this paper.

If you have any questions, you can call Peter Mikkelsen, the leader of IKC Aarhus, on 61789988.